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Author Topic: Pokemon reports - 19th December  (Read 2055 times)
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« on: December 21, 2009, 11:54:25 AM »

Chris and his dad met me at redruth train statioin at around 9.45 ( carl was working the last of his christmas night shifts so he should be coming up again soon ) and we got to mfm around 10.30 ish.
Scott omlo decided not to play pokemon today, instead reverting back to yugioh ( traitor  Wink Grin ) so we only had 5 people playing.

catherine ( yeah a new player, allways good to see them!!!)

I was playing my modified flychamp today ( modified with some stall cards ).

round 1 vs callum / speedrill

ok then for my second tourney in a row i have to play against callums deck.  I see the modifications i made to my deck really helped cause he was stuck with a lickilicky as his main pokemon due to one of my trapinchs attacks. I had flygon x out and he was milling cards every turn, he tried to stall my strategy abit with palmers contribution and put some cards back into his deck but when i saw that he milled his second 'palmers i soon decked him for the win.
round 2 vs catherine / regi deck

This was the first time ive ever played against catherine so i had no idea what she liked to play or how good she was,  i soon had my machamp out in the first turns and she was playing regis, legendarys but basics,  and seeing that  machamp makes short work of basic pokemon with the 1 hit ko the game was soon over.

round 3 chris / flygon something or other Smiley

For some reason ive forgotten most of which happened in this game. I know i got my flygon x out but i think i got eventual victory but making him bench out.

I won all 3 games giving me first place. I got a badge, an arceus pack, 2 pop 8 packs and 1 pop 5. In one of my pop 8 i got a rare candy so that was awesome!

2nd tourney which i ran chris came first and he got a badge and a pop 5 pack

Overall for me it was a great day with me 1st place, getting a 'shiny' shinx in an arceus pack i bought and buying  an infernape lv x from vin for £10 ( i now only need 4 cards to complete rising rivals ).

Hope to see you all soon for the next pokemon tourney.
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« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 12:08:37 PM »

nice report mark a pleasure to read

Vini: Clone Shell is amazing!
Jake: No it's not it's rubbish!
Vini: What are you talking about it's great with Eldrazi, Emrakul turn 5 blamo!
Jake: Don't be silly you couldn't even win a fnm with it!
Vini: Right next week I'll play Clone Shell deck then ........ and the rest is history
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