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Author Topic: Scotts Poke-Preview Report  (Read 1628 times)
Scott Omlo
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« on: November 15, 2009, 08:55:46 AM »

So, MFM had their first official Pokemon TCG Tournament using the POP System, which looked reslly kool how it was layed out and stuff.

So Vini sat us down, The YuGiOh The Magic & The Pokemon, Well done for your hard work for yesterday Vin.

Then he gave us our 5 Packs (It would be 6 but it would have been a £18 Event).
The Main Pulls I got was:
-Arceus - Rock
-Arceus LvX (The Good One)
-Pichu (Baby Steps)
-Exbert Belt

I sat down for about 25Mins trying to make my Deck as it was hard from what i had to use. I was only Playing 2 Buffer Peace 1 Expert belt and 1 of those Stadiums. Ater that i had made my deck  and Sleeved it up. then the rounds beggan....

I came Nineth in the End which was bad for my Ranking as i really wanted to win 2 games instead of one. Then we got given our prizes then made our decks up to 50, then we started playing another 3 rounds....

I came last in that tournament so that was poo. i did some trainding, got me 4 Expert Belts some more  Gengar cards (All i need is The LvX and im almost their to a Mother Gengar deck)!

Thankns for that amazing tournament, its a shame i did poo tho, oh well see ya at the next pokemon event!!!

Scott X

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