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Author Topic: Scotts Poke Report  (Read 1555 times)
Scott Omlo
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« on: October 28, 2009, 09:19:34 AM »

Okay, so MFM hosted there first Pokemon TCG tournament so i had to go becasue it was Pokemon!
Ive been working on my Snipege Empoleon Deck which included a random tech that is fairly Funny to play against.
So i arived to Mad for Miniatures with many things;
-My Deck
-My Counters
-My Rulebook
-My Cold.

I played a few frendlys with my pokemon deck then, giggled Micheal Tollys Belly while continuously saying "Hello!"
Then Vini sat us down their was;
5 Huntik
14 Pokemon

Which was awsome and Vini taught himself a lesson on running Huntik & Pokemon on the Same Day...

then the Pairings were up and we were seated and ready too go!

Round 1: Nat - Swampert.

Lol This game was the funniest. Basicaly, it started off with Nat Sleeping me, then i woke up then attacked, then he sleeped me, then i woke up, and so on...
After that, i retreated my pokemon for my Empoleon LvX and smashed him with Jet Smash then ended up Killing him.


Round 2: Taz - Huh

Well i built up my Pilups till i could just beat her down untill everthing was dead.


Round 3: Mark - FLygon

he went first. Then he killed me the turn after due to me drawing one basic pokemon!

Round 4: Karl -Grass

Lol this was funny because i drew no energys this game meaning i lost really quickly!


Round 5: ADAM STOCK - Speedrill

Okay, lo lfirst go i own him with my Tech... Then i own him even more...Then i take all my prizes.


So today was a good day 5th i think.


Poke Prizes
Poke Tournament
Poke Shop
Poke Trainers
And everything that is relvent to the subject


Mark and his Poke Deck

thanks VIn, ill see you guys at the Poke Preview for the Arceus Set. 16th Nov....
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