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Author Topic: MFM pokemon Torney :)  (Read 1897 times)
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« on: October 24, 2009, 08:10:54 PM »

well i think the tourney report is supposed to be here

so I arrived with my "posse" at 9:30 sharp as this was our FIRST pokemon torney LOL so vini explained the rules and we started ( I picked up 1 uxie before the tounement  (Y) ) my aim was at least 2 uixe and 2 snorlax

before games

Nat ( fun swampert deck )

this was a huge stall lol i waited untill i had a random Kricketot as my active Pokemon (bait), all 4 Beedrill on bench 1 with 1 energy the rest without and a Kricketune with 2 basically 3 Kricketot and 3 Kricketune. He killed my Kricketot, then I was smashing throught his Pokemon with a 120 ATK for 2 energy Lol. He killed it thinking the was out of the water, then came the game ender I sent out my Beedrill with Band Attack for 1 energy 30x amount of Beedrill in play 30 x 4 = 120 ATK i finshed him wth this Pokemon.

( 1 tick )

Vini ( Some killing deck which I just hate now Tongue )

Well . . . a game which I did not expect i was trying to stall I started to deck out then I topped a Lookers Investigation put 20 cards back into my deck draw 5 then I evolved my Kricketot into Kricketune, with 3 Kricketot and 3 Kricketune. then I was smashed through his Pokemon winning my last prize.

games with lee i played like 10 - 15 games with lee just to get some ticks i was that bored
so after paying entry with 15 players we were underway

round 1

callum collins SP grass

i did not know how my deck was gunna vary againt grass i can now tell you i went quite well no offence to callum his build was probibly better than mine (the grass element) but it did help me stall so i had chance fend him off then i smashed him down with my fully powered Kricketune that was a stall untill i followed up with a Beedrill to callum this must have been a right kick in the crotch Lol


round 2

Tom Omlo Water/Psychic

as i wonderd as the balance of grass and psychic was too much for me as i provailed with few tactics i has 2 cards left in deck and my we both had 1 prize left


round 3

Mike Pooley rhyperior

i knew i was gunna lose well his Exploud made it impossable to touch his rhyperior Lvl X being able to do up to 250 damage per turn for NO energy plus he used my rare candies

round 4

Lee Poison SP

well i knew this would happen amigo Vs amigo ( just like roung three Tongue ) well i was against a top teir deck Cry it was oviously slaughtered as he GOD handed me Skunktank G , mightyana, 2 crobat G, poochyanna, and 2 poketurn going second topping a Pokemon contest hall :O (if you did not know that was complete PWNAGE )


round 5

Scott Omlo Empleon

well 2 omlos in one day Gr8 lol well he hurt my bench too much i could not beedrill him and i love his tech 1 camurupt G and a fire energy


so a gay result to a good day

*got 3 uxie
*got 2 snorlax
*got a BTS
* nearly got the finish of my beedrill deck

lol thanks vin for a gr8 day

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