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Author Topic: No-Zone Ojama's  (Read 2433 times)
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« on: May 04, 2009, 07:04:02 PM »

This was an idea that manifested at the time Ojama Red, Ojama Blue, and Ojama Country was announced in the OCG. Then after it was announced to be in Raging Battle I was finally able to see this come to life on English shores. I'll explain how the deck works.

Ojama Knight and Ojama King both have effects which stops the use of either 2 Zones (Ojama Knight) or 3 Zones (Ojama King). Provided the opponents field is clear, it is possible to restrict all 5 Monster Zones and ultimately, beat him down with Ojamas (backed by Ojama Country). The idea is to fuse both Ojama Knight and Ojama King as quickly as possible, preferably during the first turn (if your going first). There are two possible ways this can be done:

1) Discard Ojamagic to get Ojama Green, Ojama Black, and Ojama Yellow into your hand.
2) Normal Summon Ojama Red and then, with it's effect, Special Summon the other Ojamas in your Hand.
3) If your missing an Ojama monsters (say for Ojama Knight), then you can use Instant Fusion to Special Summon an Ojama Knight, that can be used to fuse for another Ojama Knight that will stay on the field.
4) Once this is done make sure you have Fusion Gate and play it.
5) Fuse your Ojama Green, Black and Yellow you got from Ojamagic to make Ojama King.
6) Use your Ojama Red and your 5th Ojama Monster to being out Ojama Knight.

1) Normal Summon Summoner Monk and use his effect Discarding Ojamagic to Special Summon Rescue Cat from your deck. Then, of course, getting Ojama Green, Black and Yellow.
2) Tribute rescue Cat to summon two more Ojamas to the field.
4) Once this is done make sure you have Fusion Gate and play it.
5) Fuse your Ojama Green, Black and Yellow you got from Ojamagic to make Ojama King.
6) Use your 4th and 5th Ojama Monster you got with Rescue Cat to being out Ojama Knight.

So that how it works. But if you have questions about it then don't hesitate to ask. Now here is the build itself.

Monsters - 17            
[2x] Ojama Black                   
[3x] Ojama Blue               
[2x] Ojama Green         
[3x] Ojama Red               
[2x] Ojama Yellow            
[2x] Rescue Cat               
[1x] Snipe Hunter
[2x] Summoner Monk            
Spells - 20            
[1x] Card Destruction            
[2x] Hand Destruction
[1x] Heavy Storm                   
[3x] Instant Fusion            
[2x] Ojama Country         
[3x] Ojama Delta Hurricane         
[3x] Ojamagic               
[1x] Monster Reborn   
[1x] Mystical Space Typhoon      
[3x] Terraforming   

Traps - 3
[3x] Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

Extra Deck - 15
[3x] Ojama King
[3x] Ojama Knight
[1x] Arcanite Magican
[1x] Black Rose Dragon
[1x] Colossal Fighter
[1x] Dark Strike Fighter
[1x] Goyo Guardian
[1x] Magical Android
[1x] Red Dragon Archfiend
[1x] Stardust Dragon
[1x] Thought Ruler Archfiend

Side Deck - 15
[1x] Giant Trunade
[2x] Mind Crush
[1x] Ojama Country
[3x] Royal Decree
[3x] Threatening Roar
[1x] Trap Dustshoot
[2x] Trap Eater
[2x] Twister
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« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2009, 09:45:08 PM »

i suppose backup soldior might work with ojama red. or mabye pot of avarice. transmigration prophecy???

also, although summoner monk may be useful in searching early on, you only have 4 cards for it to search for - including the other summoner monk. sort of why i suggested avarice.

ah, well, just my thoughts
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