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Author Topic: Deck Garage Rules - Please Read  (Read 2500 times)
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« on: January 12, 2009, 08:05:32 PM »

OK so to help all involved in fixing Decks, we would appreciate if you could do a few things...

Please state whether the Deck is to be used in real-life [irl] or on Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop [YVD] just either one of those in the title will suffice. This just allows us to know what we can suggest budget wise etc.

If you don't want to accept peoples help and are simply here to tell everyone that you are better than them and that your Deck is perfect, please refrain from posting, it would be very much appreciated. Instead, spend the time you would have used arguing to help fix someone else's Deck with your own skills.

Please could you separate you Deck into 3 sections; Monsters, Magics and Traps. Feel free to divide up the Monsters into Tributes and non-Tributes but please do not feel obliged to do so. This is just to make Decks more approachable and easier to fix.

Please try not to post more than 3 Decks in a week. This will allow time for people to try and keep the section free of spam.

Flaming of other members will not be tolerated. If you flame someone else's Deck you will be warned, if you start the flaming in your own thread, the Deck will be removed and you will be warned. .

Do unto others as you would have them do to you. If someone posts a useful tip in your Deck, take a quick glance at theirs and see if there is anything you can do to help them in return.

Thank you for reading this and have fun

Here is an example of what your posts could look like:

I have been working on this deck for awhile and have become a bit stuck on where to go next. This is a traditional DAD build for Real Life tournament play. It has a few teched cards including the very underatted Necroface, Mindcontrol and Fires. You can also see I have messed around with the convensional numbers of cards including Teleports, ddraws etc. The deck is performing very well but i thought id post it here to see if i could get some fresh ideas


Dark Grepher
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Caius the Shadow Monarch x 2
Destiny Hero - Malicious x 3
Krebon x 3
Elemental Hero Stratos
Destiny Hero - Doom Lord
Armageddon Knight
Dark Armed Dragon x 2
Necro Gardna x 2
D.D. Crow


Torrential Tribute
Crush Card Virus
Solemn Judgemnet x 2
Phoenix Wind Wing Blast x 2


Fires of Doomsday
Mind Control
Brain Control
Monster Reborn
Heavy Storm
Allure of Darkness x 3
Mystical Space Typhoon
Reinforcement of the Army
Destiny Draw x 2
Emergency Teleport x 2

SIDE DECk - 15
Giant Trunade
Burial from a Different
Ryko Lightsworn Hunter x 2
Thunder King Rai-Oh x 2
Book of Moon x 2
Royal Decree x 3
Light-Imprisoning Mirror x 2
Legendary Jujitsu Master x 2

Plus Synchros


Please dont reply to this decklist its just an example for you to follow
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Vini: Clone Shell is amazing!
Jake: No it's not it's rubbish!
Vini: What are you talking about it's great with Eldrazi, Emrakul turn 5 blamo!
Jake: Don't be silly you couldn't even win a fnm with it!
Vini: Right next week I'll play Clone Shell deck then ........ and the rest is history
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