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Author Topic: New Game!!  (Read 1652 times)
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« on: January 29, 2013, 07:15:05 PM »

Have been toying with an idea now for some time, the old kill team rules. Have found online lots about the update in the battle missions book and peoples own adaptions. After having a play around with these rules I have come up with a set of rules for the club and will be printing them out soon to bring in one night. I am intrested to see if anyone would like to start playing games like this?

Your Strike Team is made up of 300 points of models. You must follow all Model Allowance below in selecting a strike force:
   No bikes, jet bikes, cavalry, vehicles or monstrous creatures may be used.
   All units must be picked from a single codex.
   Only level one psykers may be taken.
   No models with the unique type may be used.

A strike force is made up of three components:

Team Leader (1) – This is the model with the highest leadership. If two or more models have the same leadership pick one to act as the team leader.

Core (1+) – These are chosen from the Elite, Troop or Fast Attack sections of the codex.

Specials (3) – The team leader and two other models may each pick a special rule from the skill tables. But no two models may pick the same skill.

The battlefield preferably uses a lot of terrain, including ruins, buildings and a fair amount of scatter terrain (such as barrels, sandbags, etc). Instead of using the normal rules where models can move freely through walls and similarly solid obstacles, look at the terrain on your battlefield. If it’s a wall, you can't move through it. If it’s a door, you can (we assume models can open closed doors). Only a model that can physically fit within a space on your board can move through it. Also, a model may ‘vault’ through windows and leap over obstacles that are less than 1" high/wide without affecting their movement.

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