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Author Topic: Fantascape Bases  (Read 7192 times)
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All of Fantascape™’s models are designed by North East sculptor and Golden Demon Finalist Roy Morris (that's me).  He has a long history with wargaming and has been an avid modeller and painter for over 25 years. He began his career as a sculptor in 2002 when he joined the team creating the Bad Taste Bears, and became freelance around 12 months ago, giving him the perfect opportunity to launch his own range of wargames accessories.

With Fantascape™ He aims to create a range of products which are not only beautiful and highly detailed but are also practical and usable for you, the customer. Too often resin cast bases can look fantastic but offer no real practical solution for mounting your average model. He designs all of the bases with this in mind and endeavours to ensure that you will be able to mount all your models successfully (or at least with a minimum amount of effort). He also firmly believes that although bases should be detailed and beautiful to look at they should never detract from the model itself. To this end He tries to keep all of the designs highly detailed and beautifully simple, the goal being to make your models stand out on the battlefield or in the display cabinet by showcasing them rather than overpowering them.

Fantascape is run as a one-man business and as such time is a limited resource. However Mad for Miniatures now has a large range of Fantascape bases in stock for all your basing needs wether it be GW 40k, Fantasy or PP Warmachine and Hordes we have everything covered.

Fantascape bases available at MFM include:
Gothic Ruins
Root n Branch
Jagged Crags
Thin Ice
Wrydstone Mines
Weathered Crags
Ancient Necropolis
Elven Ruins
Tech Outpost
Glacial Ice
Scrap Yard

Pop in and see our selection


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