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Author Topic: Slow grow round one  (Read 2946 times)
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« on: June 10, 2012, 05:54:28 PM »

Well the first round has finished and heres just a quick round up of how the Rout has done.

Game one was against Ian's Tron Marines. Bog standard kill points game in which my razorback didn't get a single shot off as Ians scouts kept a hail of fire heading its way. To much joy my blood claws aideed by the wolf priest took Vulcans charge head on and came out victorous after several round of combat which won me the game!!

Game two was against the Green tide of Paddy's orks. Another kill points game, this time the blood claws take the fight to the zenos bogging the ork boys down for several rounds. All was going ok untill an unlucky save on my wolf priest lead to the squad being wiped out and the green tide decending apon my grey hunters leading to a total wipe out for myself.

Game three was against Matt's Deamons. This was the first objective game I played, both squads would camp on the objective untill the deamons deepstriked onto the table. the blood claws again charged into the enemy head on takeing both the lesser deamon squads out of the game with consentrated fire and charges. As the game ended only my grey hunters were still on an objective but it was contested by a single herald on a disc.

Game four was against the mighty bling marines!!! Yet again an objective game. Vini's marines held ground and layed down a torrent of fire towards my blood claws as they hunted for prey. Mean while my razorback and vini's landspeeder exchanged shots trying to take out the heavy guns. As the razorback downed the landspeeder the bloodclaws had gained ground on the marines and charged, after lossing most the squad to close range fire power I was happy that they even got to combat where yet again the proved their metal. The game ended with the Rout killing all the bling marines outright.

Game five saw the Rout faceing off against the "greater good" of the tau empire. Once more an objective game that saw much close quarters fighting which lead to my army being reduced to all bar a few souls. A last minute gamble of leaving the objective to go for a fall wipe out by blowing up the hammerhead lead to the game being a draw.

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