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Author Topic: Exiting main phase 1  (Read 4765 times)
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« on: March 11, 2012, 11:14:32 AM »

So as I understand it, there is no such thing as a "I enter my End of Main Phase 1 Phase", this becomes the question:

Turn player announces that he is going to be exiting Main Phase 1. His opponent declares, "Ok, then I will first use Formula Synchron's effect to Synchro Summon for Stardust Dragon"

Turn player now wishes to play "Creature Swap" instead of exiting his MP1.

Also - when you want to exit MP1 do you HAVE to declare which of the next phases you are going to go into, or do you get to decide when your MP1 is successfully over?

If a player declares his intent to leave his Main Phase and the opponent activates a card/effect. Once the chain resolves, the Turn Player may continue performing any action he/she can legally perform during that Phase. He/she is not required to continue ending that Phase.
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