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Author Topic: S/T Negation vs. White Dragon Ninja  (Read 11863 times)
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« on: March 11, 2012, 09:58:07 AM »

I think this is relevant for karl at the minute as he is playing this deck so useful to know

Simple Question, can cards like Dark Bribe be activated in response to my spell/trap cards while I control White Dragon Ninja?

Yes, you can negate cards with Dark Bribe, etc., while White Dragon Ninja is on the field.

Although negating the card activation, and destroying the card, happen as part of the same chain link, and are therefore considered simultaneous, this is a case where one is required for the other, but not vice-versa. You have to negate to destroy, but you don't have to destroy to negate.

The use of the word "and" is therefore slightly ambiguous in this case. We've updated the card text on such cards, beginning with the Premium Collection (next month), and will be discussing this in detail on the strategy site at that time.

Counter-Traps moving forward from that point (including all the ones reprinted in the battle pack) will have the revised text, and will make it easier to understand for everyone.

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