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Author Topic: Imperila Guard Releases  (Read 1984 times)
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« on: April 23, 2009, 12:30:41 PM »

Codex Imperial Guard - £15.00 (2nd May)

The Imperial Guard is the largest and most diverse fighting force in the galaxy, comprising of untold billions of soldiers, battle tanks and artilllery pieces. It is through superior numbers, discipled training and the might of imperial armour that all foes are smashed aside.
Codex Imperial Guard is  a 104 page book that contains everything you need to know to field an army of tenacious guardsmen in Warhammer 40k. There are pages of background, covering the history  the Imperial Guard and some of its most famous campaigns and regiments, rules for every troop and vehicle, a full-colour miniatures showcase, and the brand new army list

Cadian Command Squad - £15.00 (2nd May)

The new plastic command squad is one of the most diverse kits GW have ever made. The kit allows you to make five seperate models using an assortment of components to create many of the options available in the army list. With a choice of armaments and even two seperate banners, models can be assembled in many different ways as part of either a Company or Platoon Squad. Whats more, components from this kit will blend in with the other Cadian frames to give you even more variety in your army.

Catachan Command Squad - £15.00 (2nd May)

Much like the Cadian kit, the Catachan Command Squad is packed with components to not only give you five complete specialists models, such as the vox-caster and officer, but also provides loads of extra bits to scatter throughout your army. For instance youll find a whole host of new Catachan heads and arms, as well as a choice of special weapons such as a flamer and a sniper rifle. There are also two banners, Catachan blades, and even shovels. The kit can be used to make both a Company and Platoon Command Squad.

Imperial Guard Valkrie - £35.00 (2nd May)

Screaming across the battlefield, a Valkyrie aircraft deploys its cargo into the fray, providing a deadly torrent of covering fire as the troopers within disembark.
The new plastic Valkyrie kit allows you to field these powerful aircraft in your armies. Using a Valkrie gives you many options. They can be used as a super fast transports, delivering troops onto objectives deep in the battlefield. The kit comes with a choice of weapon options so you can arm it with lascannos or multi-lasers. Theres the option of pintle mounted heavy bolters to be placed in the open side doors as well. Or you can use it to ferry elite and specialist troops such as storm troopers, who can take full advantage of Valkyrie Grav Chute Insertion rule.
The Valkyrie kit also comes with brand new flyinging base that will secure your model in a heightened flying postion, without the worry of it accidentally toppling over

Imperial Guard Ratlings - £12.00 for 5 models (2nd May)

The Imperial Guard incorporates companies of abhumans who usualy fullfil a more specialised role. Ratlings are crack shots and are ofetn armed with sniper rifles. Dave Thomas new metal models are just bursting with character, adorned with little details such as snacks and telescopes.

Imperial Guard Advisors - £10.00 for 3 models (16th May)

These metal miniatures depict three Regimental Advisors, namely the Officer of the Fleet, Master of Ordanance and Astropath. Each advisor that you include in your Company Command Squad grants your side a boon, anything from rchestrating powerful artillery blasts to being able to bring oon reserve earlier.

Imperial Guard Primaris Psyker - £8.00 (2nd May)

Walking a fine line between service to the Emeror and eternal damnation, Primaris Psykers are a rare individual who can wield the destructive power of the warp. Mark Harrisons new sculpt of a classic imperial guard character type has managed to catch the potential power of a figure whos both feared and despised by the men around him.

Imperial Guad Lord Commissar - £8.00 (16th May)

Commissars have always been an important part of any Imperial Guard force and now they can be taken as a HQ choice in the form of a Lord Commissar. The intricate detailing on Juan Diaz model denotes the Comissar as a decorated veteran of many campaigns, where he has no doubt stood defiant against overwhelming odds

Imperial Guard Sentinel - £15.00 (2nd May)

The Sentinel kit is back with a vengence this month in a new and improved form. The Sentinels role has been greatly expanded in the Imperial Guard Codex and the new kit allows you to field any of the type and weapon configuraions from the army list.You can create the lighter and faster Scout Sentinel or go for a far tougher Armoured Sentonel. Not only does the new kit provide all the posible weapon configurations, even plasma cannon, but other options as the searchlight and hunterkiller missile are also included on the frame. Thers also a choice of crewmen heads - two cadian and two catachan - to keep your sentinel pilots varied. Finally one of the most inovative features of the new kit is that the legs are now jointed, giving you endless options for different poses

Imperial Guard Battle Forces - Cadian and Catachan (16th May) £55.00
These two kits are a great way to bulster your army with two troops squads a command squad, heavy weapon squad and a sentinel making you a saving of £19.00 in total

All available from Mad for Miniaures


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