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Author Topic: YuGiOh! Winter Cup Series 2011  (Read 2226 times)
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« on: August 26, 2011, 12:32:08 PM »

Mad for Miniatures is pleased to announce to you it will be running The South West YuGiOh Winter Cup Series (SWYWCS).

What is the South West YuGiOh Winter Cup Series?
The SWYWCS is an event hosted and run by Mad for Miniatures to try and find the best player in the South West of the UK, although this event is open to anyone and everyone who is willing to travel! Mad for Miniatures will be running a series of 3 qualifying events throughout the months of September, October and November at Mad for Miniatures.

How to qualify for the South West YuGiOh Winter Cup Series Final?
To Qualify for the Final you will have to win an invite by being one of the top 8 unqalified players in any 1 of the 3 qualifying tournaments held at Mad for Miniatures (dates below).

Qualifier 1 - Saturday 17th September 2011
Qualifier 2 - Saturday 29th October 2011
Qualifier 3 - Saturday 26th November 2011

The South West YuGiOh Winter Cup Qualifying Structure?
*  All SWYWCS qualifiers will be Advanced Constructed format.
*  All SWYWCS qualifiers will consist of a number of Swiss-style rounds, dependant on the number of
    participants as follows:

# of players            # of rounds
1-8                             3
9-16                           4
17-32                          5
33-64                          6
65-128                        7
129-256                       8

After those Swiss rounds, there will be a cut to the Top 8 players, who will continue to play in single-elimination.
There is a playoff match between the two semifinals losers, to determine 3rd and 4th place.
The top-finishing unqualified 8 players qualify for the SWYWCS Final. This means if a player has already qualified at one of the other events there place will be passed down to the next unqualified player.

What are the prizes for the SWYC Qualifiers?
The top 8 unqualified players of each qualifier will receive an invite to play in the FREE SWYWCS Finals that will be held at Mad for Miniatures on Saturday 3rd December 2011.

Booster Prizes will be awarded in a scaled fashion like at our normal tournaments.

What is the cost for the SWYWCS?
The cost for each qualifier will be £8.00, just £3.00 more then our usual events. Plus you get the chance to play in the SWYWCS Final for FREE which will have some great prizes.

Additional Information on qualifiers!
All players are required to bring a decklist,  Pen/Pencil and Paper for recording Lifepoints, and any materials they need such as tokens, dice or coins.

The Final will be a swiss round tournament using the September 2011 Banned and Restricted List held at Mad for Miniatures on Saturday the 3rd December 2011. Each of the qualified players will battle it out over 5 swiss rounds followed by a top 4 cut (3rd and 4th position will playoff for their positions).


Winner - SWYWCS Trophy and Custom Playmat of your own design, A £100.00 Gift Voucher for MFM
2nd - Runners up Trophy and 12 Boosters
3rd - 10 Boosters
4th - 8 Boosters
9th-12th 4 Boosters
13th-24th 2 Boosters

Prizes subject to change, but wont be any less then shown above.

If you would like to take part in these qualifiers be sure to register either here, on the tournament section, by email, ringing the shop:01726 72259 or going on our facebook page mad for miniatures.

Any questions just ask?
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