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Author Topic: i need help.... alot of help Q.Q Chaos deck (IRL)  (Read 2591 times)
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« on: April 13, 2011, 06:42:00 PM »

my experience with chaos back in the day was quite nice but now i just cant get the deck to work i dont have glowup bulb or the dark card thats attack is = to the number of cards in hand this is what i have so far

monsters: 23
Krebons *2
ryko lightsworn hunter *3
dimensional alchemist *3
card trooper *2
Chaos sorcerer *3
effect veiler *2
Cyber Dragon *2
gorz *1
Junk Synchron *2
plaguespreader zombie *1
sangan *1
dark armed dragon *1

spells: 9
dark hole *1
MST *2
Gold sarcophagus *2
allure of darkness *1
monster reborn *1
charge of the light brigade *1
burial from a differnt dimension *1

traps: 8
trap stun *3
torrential tribute *1
mirror force *1
bottomless traphole *2
call of the haunted *1

im suffering from ALOT of hand clogs dunno if thats just my luck or if it is actually the deck the extra deck has the frozen stardust black rose ect  just need some help fixing the flaws

Remember every deck is weak to a blow torch, and i have a deck full of them. (crackles of fire in the background)
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« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2011, 10:03:17 AM »

Not a bad attempt but I understand your problem heres my changes:

Take out:
2 Krebons (your not running emergency teleport and hes not needed in this sort of deck)
2 Junk syncron (your not running tunings or many targets for him so not needed)
1 Effect Veiler (Dont need 2 side one)
1 Cyber Dragon (Side 2 against machine variant decks)
1 Burial from a different dimension (Good card but not in this deck)
2 bottomless trap hole (side these cards when you come across glads)
3 Trap stun (Your running a control deck not an otk deck so wont be needing these)

Put in:
3 Battle Fader (They are dark works with allure, you can get them back with dimensional alchemist and re-use their awesome effect to special summon them and end your opponents battle phase and can be tributed)
2 Cyber Valley (With book of moon at 1 this card has become a lot stronger with its effect, you can use its effect on battle fader, cyber dragon, using mind control or enemy controller to take your opponents monster and using cyber valley to rfg their monster or stall for a turn and u get a draw off it plus its light and works with alchemist)
1 Caius the shadow monarch (great card tribute battle faders rykos and so on)
1 scapegoat (if you can get a glow-up bulb this card becomes stronger but its still great with enemy controllers and using cyber valley to rfg a token and draw 2 plus us have a wall of defense and a draw engine)
1 mind control (awesome card u can take any monster with this rfg with valley, sync with tuners and blow it up with scrap dragon if ur pro Cheesy)
2 enemy controller (as said above you can tribute scapegoat tokens, battle fader flip a ryko destroy their back row then tribute it and steal their monster and attack them with it loads of combos)
2 Dimensional Prison (I ran 3 in my version of this deck and it annoyed lots of people Wink )

I hope these changes come in handy Cheesy
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« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2011, 07:08:19 PM »

thanks very much :3 i was having so many problems with it and thankfully i have most of those cards except the d prisons so ill sub for shrinks Cheesy

Remember every deck is weak to a blow torch, and i have a deck full of them. (crackles of fire in the background)
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