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Author Topic: Hopefully this will help with sidedecking  (Read 4599 times)
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« on: March 27, 2011, 07:28:28 PM »

Ive done this for two reason. 1 for kali asking which is better electric virus/puppet plant and 2 due to while judging in the last tourniment on the weekend alot of people said about flaws in their decks or boards, so while i was at work i picked 32 random decklists from the recent YCS and catalouge them into most played, so heres the list...

cyber dragon                    51
puppet plant                    28
chain disappearence            28
dust tornado                    26
dd crow                            24
kinetic solder                    23
nobleman of crossout            21
fossil dyna                            17
effect vailer                    15
pulling the rug                    14
malevolent catastrophe            14
thunder king                    14
gozen match                    12
rivalry of warlords                   10
super polymerisation            10
smashing ground                      9
mst                                     9
bottomless trap hole             7
gottoms e call                     7
banisher of radiance             6
chimeratech fortress dragon      6
overlord dark world             6
dimensional prison              6
d fissure                             5
mask of restict                     5
battle fader                      5
royal oppression                     5
malefic stardust                     5
torrential tribute                     4
electric virus                     4
royal decree                     4
crevice into the dd             4
shadow imprisiong mirror     4
mind crush                             4
corridor of agony                     4
zombie world                     4
gorz                                    3
mirror force                            3
swallow flip                      3
system down                     3
compulsory                             3
beast king barbaros             3
malefic cyber end                     3
skill drain                             3
hero rule 2                             3
burial from a dd                     2
king tiger                             2
my body                             2
closed forest                     2
snowman eater                     2
forbidden lance                     2
jujitsu                             2
starlight road                     2
doom cal                             2
consercrated light             2
dark bribe                             2
jinzo                                     1
allure of d                             1
ronintoadin                             1
trap stun                             1
colossal fighter                     1
naturia beast                     1
trap dustshoot                     1
max c                                     1
chaos hunter                      1
six sam yaichi                     1
soul release                             1
In total that 480
Meaning 32 sidedecks

ok so this was only half of what i could of put up however just from these figures you should be able to note the cards that were heavly thought after in the board. The most obvious one has to be cyber in average it means every person was playing 1.5 cybers in a deck but this doesnt count the ones that are being playing mained already most people played 2 in the board and a chrimertech either in main syncros or boarded it for machines.

Puppet plant had a huge 28 pretty much being a 2 of in everybodys sidedeck that played it. Its about 40-45% of the 32 were playing this card, while only 4 electric virus were being used. So obviously depeneding on the meta of the palce that you play, youll have to make that decision between the two, even tho my vote is with electric virus but puppet plants just woops sams, first turn shien who cares, draw puppet in your starting hand with a playable hand very likely to win.

Ill let other people comment on this or just use the list for possible sidedeck cards in the future

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