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Author Topic: League: Rosters + Timeline  (Read 4068 times)
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« on: March 17, 2011, 09:38:24 AM »

If you want to get on the timeline you have to write a battle report.

Phase 1: Action 1:
A shadowy Chaos sorcerer cast down by his gods begins his campaign to regain what he has lost:
Chieftain Spinetail and his raiders fail to acquire the Phoenix stone from the ruins on the Island of Blood and leave Ulthuan:
Ratash and his Ogres find a portal in the vast deserts:
The Chaos sorcerer joins up with an army of slannesh marauders:
Ead Basher and his boyz defeat a Skaven swarm:
Chieftain Spinetail encounters chaos, daemonic magic forces him to flee:
The Sorcerer in an attempt to regain the favour of his gods did battle with an army of khorne, the marauders kept the opposing forces busy while the sorcerer let lose salvos of magic to take down the opposing hero from a distance:
Unconfirmed reports of a High Elf shipwreck near lizardmen territory:
Ratash enters the portal, makes his Gnoblars do most of the fighting against Goblins before rushing in to finish things:

Phase 1: Action 2:
    Spinetail and his troops wander the deep and wild forests for weeks, before encountering Beastmen, Spinetail's hoard eventually overwhelming the Beastmen's leader and winning the skirmish:
    After his victroy against the Skaven Ead Basher heads through the forest towards the coast with the goal of plundering some ships, along the way night goblins joined the warband refilling his ranks:
    After fortifying the area around the portal and sending a messenger gnoblar back though, Ratash and the ogres set out on a mission of discovery (mainly for food) :
    The pillaging wasn't going to well when Ead Basher sensed the presence of chaos, quickly the night air was tilled with the sounds of battle, and fanatics. Despite the fanatics wounding the foul chaos steed its rider escaped harm and the warriors under his command also took the brunt of the orc assault their heavy armour nigh invulnerable. The orcs forced the chaos commander to the edge of the ocean but with nowhere to retreat to he stood his ground, Ead Basher was forced to call a retreat off the beach and back into the woods.
    Ratash and the ogres wandered the forest eating the locals when they came upon a clearing and abandoned dwelling. Before they could investigate Savage Orcs rushed out of the trees and a mighty magical foot was crushing the ogres beneath it. The Shaman casting it lost control and all his magic spells, perhaps Gork(or possibly Mork) were displeased? The savage orcs ran the gnoblars down only to be run down themselves by the ogres who then chased the shaman about for a bit before Ratash caught him. The bulls and wolf riders ran around the field of battle for many hours before both sides tired and fell back:
    Spinetail had his troops pillage what they could from their fallen foes then they began a trek south in an attempt to prove themselves and gain glory by looting a Lizardmen temple:

Phase 1: Action 3:
    The ogres regroup after the battle with the Orcs. Apparently ogres cant tell the difference between gnoblars and forest goblins as a number have been accidentally conscripted:
    A Skink preist at the Lizardmen temple Spinetail's hoard is approaching foresees the coming of the rat creatures and has time to prepare:  
Reports of High Elves spontaneously combusting throughout the Warhammer world:
    Ead Basher and his force raced through the forest until they arrived at an imposing deserted house, the Goblins were restless and after the throwing of some dung one managed to start a brawl between the savage orcs which left many bones broken and much blood spilt. Eventually regaining control Ead Basher ordered everyone to stand in the clearing then stomped off into the woods muttering curses under his breath:
    Ratash and his ogres break out of the forest to find themselves on a vast plain and are assaulted by a fast moving chaos raiding force who seem to think the goblins are the biggest threat, they probably are as the ogres cant even catch a singe enemy. The gnoblars run away and not long after Ratash also has to leave the battle:
    Spinetail's raiders race towards to Lizardmen defenders only to be set upon by a torrent of chain lightning spells, the smell of charred rats filling the air. The Skaven slaves rush the warriors only to be driven back while the trap the skink priest set was sprung as skink blowpipe'ers fired poison darts at Spinetail and his guard from a hidden position. Spinetail and his troops were forced to withdraw scurrying away with there tails between their legs:
    Ead Basher could hear the squeals of rat-men on the other side of the wood which improved his mood, he strode out to face a massive block of the creatures however when the neither fled nor charged him he let out a Waaaaghhh. unfortunately the orcs and gobos decided the had gotten in enough trouble with their boss for one day and continued to follow his first order of waiting in the clearing. Despite running rings round the rats testing week points and trying to tempt out their leader Ead Basher could not seem to get the rats to do much, eventually the Skaven Chieftain not wanting to risk his own life if more greenskins arrived slowly ordered the rats to withdraw. When the greenskins finally arrived they found their boss sitting waiting in the garden of the house, needless to say he was not impressed:

Phase 1: Action 4:
    After much trudging though forests Ratash and his ogres walked though a dense fog and into a time-lost ruined city, they engaged in running street battles with a number of high elf blocks of troops and mage squishing all that tried to stand in their way. after the battles they quickly exited the city before it disappeared back into the mists of time:
   Ratash led what was left of his force back towards the portal: 


Player: Tigger
Army: High Elves
Mage 100
lvl 2 +35
guardian phoenix +25
dispel scroll +20
ironcurse icon +5

12 x Lothern Sea Guard 144
champion 10
standard bearer 10
musician 5
shields 12
FAE lion standard 25


Player: Hanana banana
Army: Lizardmen
Skink priest, Level 2 - 100
12 Skink skirmishers. brave - 90
15 Saurus Warriors, spears, full command - 210


Player: Richard
Army: Warriors of Chaos
Hero: Exalted Hero on Juggernaught with mark of Khorne and shield. = 180 points

Core: Warriors x 10 with standard bearer, musician and champion, additional close combat weapons for unit and the mark of khorne. = 220 points


Player: awesomesteve
Army: Beastmen
gorebull , heavy armour, gnarled hide, the brass cleaver - 213
charoit - 80
10 gors, additional hand weapons, full command - 105


Player: Ego Ninja
Army: Warriors of Chaos
Exalted hero, Mark of Nurgle, Daemonic mount, Shield, Flail - 189
10 Warriors, Shields, Mark of Nurgle, Standard, Musician - 208


Army:Chaos Warriors
Chaos sorcerer, Level 2, Tzeentch
Bloodcurdling roar, Golden eye of Tzeentch
Disk of Tzeentch, Enchanted shield

5 x maurader horseman, Musician
Mark of slannesh, Throwing spears
Light armour

5 x maurader horseman,
Mark of slannesh, Throwing spears
Light armour


Army:Vampire Counts

Vampire counts

Hero: level 1 Vampire
Vampiric Powers: Forbidden Lore, Lord of the Dead
Magic items: Flayed Hauberk & Tomb blade

Core: 10 skeleton spearmen /w full command 110 points

Corpse cart


Player: Syanide
Army: Daemons Of Chaos
Herald Of Tzeentch- lvl 2 with master of sorcery
10 Pink Horrors
10 daemonettes, standard & musician


Army: Skaven
Chieftain with halberd & shield + Seed of rebirth
51 clanrats with spears & shields with Clawleader & Standard + warpfire thrower


Player: Claire
Army: Orcs and Goblins
Hero: Savage Orc Shaman, upgraded to a level 2 wizard with Lucky Shrunken Head= 155 points.

Core: Savage Orc Big Uns x 10.
Boss, musician and standard bearer upgrades.
All have additional hand weapons and the unit includes a Big Stabba. = 165 points.

Goblin Wolf Riders x 5.
Boss and Standard bearer upgrade. Unit all have short bows and shields. = 80 points


Player: JP
Army: Orcs and Goblins
20 night goblins 60
full command 30
3 fanatics 75
10 spider riders 130
full command 30
night goblin big boss 30
fencers blades 35
light armour and shield 4


Player: Dyce
Current General: Ratash, of the deep sand
Bruiser, ogre club heavy armour, enchanted shield

Bulls x 6 - clubs, bellower

Gnoblars x 20

Player: Admin
Army:Orcs and Goblins
Curent General: Ead Basher
Black Orc Big Boss
Gold Sigil Sword, Enchanted Shield,
Heavy Armour

10 x Savage Orcs Big Uns
Standard, A.H.W, Big Stabba

20 x Night Goblins, Musician
3 x Fanatics


Updated with several more lists.  Cool
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The cat in the hat.
Darak Vardek
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2011, 10:36:40 AM »

sorry to be picky but Syanide daemon list has a common magic item and deamons can't taken them. sorry
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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2011, 11:56:00 AM »

No dont pick on me  Cheesy Thx for lettin me know im still a noob
so am i gonna have to change my list or am i ok on this phase?

Originally Posted by Vinsklortho
I always went with "I got 99 problems, but a lich ain't one"
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« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2011, 12:19:04 PM »

@Syanide - Your going to need to remove the power stone and either replace it with something from the Daemon book OR be under points for the rest of the phase if you cant replace it.


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« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2011, 12:56:38 PM »

No worries il have a look nd tell you l8r
Eta had a look il add a standard & musician to my daemonettes = 18pts  power stone was 20pts
so now 398pts
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Originally Posted by Vinsklortho
I always went with "I got 99 problems, but a lich ain't one"
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