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Title: Pokémon Platinum Arceus
Post by: Yugi Lee on December 09, 2009, 09:59:28 PM
Well it’s been a few weeks since this set has been released and a lot of the people I have spoken to about this believe that has to be the best Pokémon set made so far! Looking through the whole set list it’s hard not to find a card that isn’t good in its own way.

So fair I love the new Charizard set and the awesome Spirtomb. Thanks to this set Fire decks are becoming more playable again! For example a basic fire deck would now be able to do the following:

Make Spirtomb you active Pokémon
Spirtomb gives you a Charizard over two turns.
Let Spirtomb get knocked out then send out Charizard
Charizard gets +10 to its damage for each fire Pokémon on bench.
Give Charizard and Expert Belt just for the sake of it
Fill up your bench with cards like Great Ball, Luxury Ball, and Rosanne’s Research etc.

This will give you a Charizard that would be dealing at lest 90 damage for 1 energy, 140 for 3 energies and all it took was 3-4 turns to set that up.

So what cards have you all taken a shine too this set? And what major combos have you seen with all the new stuff?

Title: Re: Pokémon Platinum Arceus
Post by: admin on December 10, 2009, 06:51:29 PM
Obviously Expert Belt is brokenly good probabily the best card in the set, but cards I have taken a shine to are Gengar Lv X - his effect to shufffle back other Lv Xs from the bench is horrid. When you couple Gengar with the Gallade and Gallade Lv X to spread damage onto all your opponents Pokemon it can lead to a pretty quick annihilation of your opponents pokemon if they dont lv up quick.

Im likeing a ton of other cards from this set too but too many to name!

Title: Re: Pokémon Platinum Arceus
Post by: afroninja on December 10, 2009, 07:38:42 PM
well, i might as well write the whole set down

Title: Re: Pokémon Platinum Arceus
Post by: Scott Omlo on December 10, 2009, 08:10:07 PM
there was alot of cards to my liking, such as the Gengars and the reprintend Oaks Visit. but the winner really had to be; Expert Belt. with 4 in your deck you will easially open with one turn 1, and is made easier with Department Store Girl! I can see Expert Belt being played in almost every single deck as the sickness of it is very high. I win most of my games With it.

Title: Re: Pokémon Platinum Arceus
Post by: chimmy88 on January 05, 2010, 07:46:18 PM
well expert bel is a good card but you might have to know when to use it, because if you have expert belt attached to one of your pokemon with 10-100 hp left and your aponant has salamance out they could levl it up and use doubble fall to make it so you can draw an extra prize and if you have expert belt on your active pokemon... your oponant may have half of his prize cards gone