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Title: genex ally chaos (post exvc)
Post by: seeb on April 17, 2011, 11:06:16 AM
1 dark armed dragon
3 cyber dragon
3 reborn tengu
1 genex ally duradark
3 chaos sorcerer
2 genex neutron
1 tragoedia/gorz
1 sangan
2 ryko
2 genex ally remote
3 genex ally birdman
1 effect veiler
1 level eater
1 genex ally chemistrer
3 royal decree
1 solemn
1 giant trunade
1 book of moon
2 mst
1 dark hole
1 limiter removal
1 monster reborn
1 foolish burial
1 allure of darkness

1 formula synchron
1 armory arm
1 catastor
1 genex ally triarm
1 brionac
2 genex ally triarm
1 black rose
1 ancient fairy dragon
1 arcanite magician
2 genex ally axel
1 stardust
1 vindikite R genex
1 locomotion R genex

showing potential and consistant synchroing, ish.
: remote + sangan / chemistrer + duradark/tengu = triarm. once per turn discard one card from opponents hand; wind, select one light monster on the field, destroy it and draw 1; dark non tuners.
chaos sorcerer + birdman/remote = locomotion R genex; steals opponents highest monster + remove opponents monster off sorcerer.
-1 (something) +1 trishula (deck can make it really easily through level eater, a level 6 synchro/sorcerer and birdman/remote).
*Also need to find room for scrap dragon
*Need to +1 mind control aswell

favourite combo at the moment is making triforce with neutron + birdman/remote, priority discard 1 special summon ryko in face down defence. Or summon chaos sorcerer, summon chemistrer, special level eater making sorcerer lvl 5, synchro for arcanite, stardust, axel or whatever's needed after removing a monster. Axel can do crazy otk's using it's effect to get neutron as a 3600 attacking into their monster and playing limiter removal = 5200 axel, 7200 genex neutron.

R/F  :3

Title: Re: genex ally chaos (post exvc)
Post by: Supersteve on April 21, 2011, 09:48:46 AM
Intresting deck seeb, this is what I would change:


1 level eater (never really liked this card mainly cause its annoying when its drawn but thats up to you)
1 genex ally chemistrer (this card cant get out triarm cause it's not genex controller so wouldn't play it)
2 genex neutron (I wouldn't play any of these mainly cause to get their effects they need to remain on the field till the end phase)


1 Ryko (more mill and cause of the card underneath)
1 charge of the light brigade (more mill and 3 targets)
2 pot of avarice (defo run pot of avarice with reborn tengu it put them back in the deck for more swarm, might have to drop a chaos sorcerer and put mind control in if u run pot)