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Title: chaostown deck [experimental]
Post by: TheAngelChaz on February 22, 2011, 01:49:41 AM
this is a chaos deck ive been working on for ever and i now feel like this deck could finally work in the next meta. its a sky scourge deck clears the field. abusing gear town to get a nice deck worked up hand destruction with trade in to stop dead hands aswell as ditch fiends fairies and dragon to the grave. this is just in the experimental stages at the moment still even though i still havent prefected it yet. no syncro in this deck i already though about that with putting swing of memories and doom shaman into a synchro but chose not to with this version. this deck as i said is for the next meta so i dont 100% know if this deck is legal. also im still not 100% sure on the ratios of fairy to fiends

monsters: 20
sky scourge noreleras *3
evil hero prodigy *3
card trooper *2
ancient gear gadjilton dragon *3
arcania force 0 the fool *3
marshmallon *1
sangan *1
snipe hunter *2
dimension alchemist *2

spells: 17
trade in *3
feather of the phoenix *3
geartown *3
terrorforming *3
hand destruction *3
monster reborn *1
darkhole *1

mirror force *1
torrential tribute *1
call of the haunted *1

Title: Re: chaostown deck [experimental]
Post by: lukasbeeler on February 22, 2011, 08:57:12 AM
instead of Fairies and fiends  put in Phantom of chaos